Diesel Generators

Volvo Eicher Generators

  • High Power to Weight Ratio
  • Better Fuel Economy
  • Extremely low vibration- suitable for roof top installation.
  • Easy Serviceability &Easy Spares Availability
  • Lube Oil cooler In-built
  • Compact size helps in saving land space.
  • High Block Load Capacity: EICHER Engine has excellent block loading capacity allows better load handling.

Volvoe- Eicher engines are the most 'Fuel Efficient' in the market, ensuring that the user gets larger diesel savings right from the first month. The USP of Eicher engines are their compact size, less vibration, 500 hrs. lube oil change period, easy serviceability and easy spare availability.The Genset Application engines are low on noise, vibrations and maintenance, and deliver superior power in all load conditions. Eicher engines have better fuel economy, easy service and spares availability.