Gensets AMC Services

Saves from unexpected high repair cost:

Labor charges are covered under our plan (These Extra-ordinary benefits comes to you at amazingly nominal cost).

We offer AMC services for all type of generators. Our huge experience in the field of generators has provided us with the expertise of handling and repairing all kinds of generators, with the help of our experienced and qualified staff, we are able to provide reliable, efficient and quick maintenance of different kinds of generators. We have a team of engineers with experience and sound knowledge in this industry, who can handle any kind of D G set faults in an effective way. We offer 24 hours on site services.

Benefits of AMC for Generators

Generator set is a power backup solution in case of power emergencies for the functioning of electrical devices. Especially in offices, it is a capital asset that needs regular monitoring by an expert.our experts are available round the clock and you can call the experts whenever the generator needs a revamp for better functioning. We can even give you assistance when there is a sudden breakdown.

Scope of work:

  • Cleaning of Engine & Alternator
  • Air Filter element check & clean
  • Check condition & tension of V belt
  • Check for any Leakages
  • Check & Tighten nuts/bolts if necessary
  • Check Engine Oil & replace if necessary
  • Periodic checks of fluid levels
  • Available on call
  • Monthly logging parameters like Temperature , current drawn by motors , cleaning pressure & Oil Temperature etc
  • Preparing maintenance schedule for weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually
  • Planning & execution for annual shut down
  • Emergency services during any break down

Our AMC services are available at very reliable cost  giving you nonstop power

Other Information

  • The contract is non-transferable and valid for 12 months.
  • There will be minimum monthly one visit by our service engineer. i.e. >12 visits in a year during the contract duration.
  • Breakdown calls will be attended on priority.
  • Our offer does not include any kind of spare parts and it will be arranged on chargeable basis.
  • Our contract will not remain valid in case of mishandling or interference of any other technician other than our service engineer.

Our offer does not include following points but can be done on chargeable basis at actual: – 

  • Major overhauling of engine
  • Radiator Services
  • Control panel repair
  • Electrical parts repair