Mahindra Industrial Diesel Generators

Escort Generators

  • High Power to Weight Ratio
  • Better Fuel Economy
  • Extremely low vibration- suitable for roof top installation.
  • Easy Serviceability &Easy Spares Availability
  • Lube Oil cooler In-built
  • Compact size helps in saving land space.
  • High Block Load Capacity: Escort Engine has excellent block loading capacity allows better load handling.

Escorts Generators | low maintenance, highly reliable & fuel-efficient Escorts Diesel Gensets are tailor-made for use in telecom, nursing homes, educational institutions, residence, showrooms, retail stores, SMEs, petrol pumps, farm houses & other applications. they have been designed to provide thus, partnering in your growth. Escorts Engines, setting new performance standard. state-of-art-ADI* technology for unmatched power & diesel economy. Plateau-honed wet liners for low lubi oil consumption. Designed for 100% continuous operation & longer service intervals. Class A1 governing with 45 regulation that gives stable operation in fluctuating load conditions. Efficient cooling mechanism and no frequent top-ups.The Escorts Generator / Escorts Silent Dgsets / Escorts Gensets / Escorts Diesel Generators / Silent Dgsets Powered by Escorts Engines / Escorts Silent Generator Sets dealers are available in Whole Bihar .